「萬」取自英文萬德福 WONDERFUL 字首之音,代表其鮮活肥美、萬味之極口感,令境外邦內人民嘖嘖稱奇、紛紛按讚!					
						二零壹三年正經堂, 受託為萬里蟹量身訂製全新商業識別,為萬里蟹量身訂製全新商業識別,並由新北市府授權,廣泛應用於通路,以供百姓認明購買,自此「萬里蟹」便成為正經堂品牌識別之嚴選代表作, 萬里蟹識別設計之「萬」字,概念來自於漁民「萬物共存,宇宙共生」的捕蟹哲學,漁民採海洋生態平衡漁法,以施放蟹籠誘捕螃蟹,引君入甕、補大放小。
「萬」並取自英文萬德福 WONDERFUL 字首之音,代表其鮮活肥美、萬味之極口感,令境外邦內人民嘖嘖稱奇、紛紛按讚!


King of flavors, Wonderful crab
caused a worldwide sensation.

						Wanli, a small fishing village located in the Northern Taiwan, is known for its delicious Wanli crab every autumn. The crab-resembling “Wan” character was inspired by the prefix of the English word Wonderful, indicating the fresh, sumptuous and supreme taste of the Wanli crab. The delicacy has gained widespread popularity among locals and foreign visitors.

In 2003, The Chen Studio to design a new brand logo for Wanli Crabs. The Wanli Crab logo was then certified by New Taipei City Government and quickly gained reputation.
						Since then, Wanli crab has been the Chen Studio’s featured masterpiece.

The concept of the “Won” logo is inspired by the eco-crabbing philosophy, which celebrates planetary coexistence. Wanli fishermen use “crab cages” to lure and trap big crabs and release small crabs back to the ocean. It is known as the least intrusive fishing method for the protection of the marine life and sustainable fishery.
* The pictures below of Wanli Crab are provided by Department of Information, new Taipei City Government.